Month: January 2018

Dropship wholesalers

What’s its purpose Dropship wholesalers are companies that warehouse products in fast quantities, and sell their merchandise through third parties. They handle everything but the specific sale themselves including housing merchandise, packaging, and shipping of the product. You may ask, why use a dropship company? Using a dropship company will allow you as a third […]

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My Second Business, and why it too was a failure

Getting Started My second business, and why it too was a failure is because created this business with great excitement. I had dollar signs in my eyes again, and that is mostly what doomed that company for failure. I went in business this time with a close personal friend, and we set this particular company […]

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My First Business, and why it failed

How I started my first business Shortly after turning 18 years old in the late 1990s, I decided I wanted to get started in the business world with no real world experience in business. I decided to jump in the deep end head first without all the necessary tools to get started. I was going […]

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Affiliate Marketing Products, and where to find programs

What is affiliate marketing If you are new to the industry, and don’t know what affiliate marketing products are, then read on for some more information. Affiliate marketing is advertising products from other producers or entities on the internet through your website. Placing those adds on your site when a customer clicks through to the […]

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Stay on track, Dream BIG, and set your goals for success

Set a goal Whenever you are getting started with anything in life you create a goal of something that you want. Stay on track with your goals remember don’t set goals that are impossible. If you set your goals small they are easier to achieve, but don’t be afraid to set big goals and dream […]

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Website Hosting Design, with many themes

Build your own website with no experience Looking to get started in the online world with your own site? You can certainly get started with website hosting design and lessons at Wealthy Affiliate (WA). They have tutorials offered for free that will help you get started including hosting, theme, design, and more. Wealthy Affiliate offers […]

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Business Success Tips, and where you begin

Learning from failure Every new business owner wants to be successful, and I’m going to give you some business success tips from the lessons that I have learned throughout the years. Every failure in life is a lesson to be learned whether it’s love, finance, cooking, or business. These lessons are often more valuable than […]

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