Month: February 2018

11 Legitimate work from home ideas

11 Legitimate work from home ideas If you have been struggling to find ways to work from home, then you have come to the right place. Everyone has their own reason why they want to work from home, and not everyone has the same reason. Maybe your health is deteriorating, maybe you can’t afford daycare, […]

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How to find a good job, just right for you

So the hunt begins You may be wondering how to find a good job, just right for you and your livelihood. Maybe you’re just starting the hunt, or maybe you’ve been looking for a while. A few steps to take to make sure you are going to find the right job for you. Find a […]

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Third Time is a Charm, but not for my business success

  An idea forms I decided to try yet again at my hand in the business world. Third time is a charm they say, but I don’t know who they are and this time they were wrong. I yet again decided to enter into business with a friend, and the results were sad to say, […]

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