Month: October 2018

List of Business Partnerships

Types of Businesses Going into business for yourself can be a scary venture, and if you are going into business you will want to make sure you are protected. Here is a small list of business partnerships that you can form. Knowing what each type of partnership is and how they work will allow you […]

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Residual Income Ideas

Income Residual Income Ideas that may allow you certain freedoms that you may not currently have. Imagine this if you will, you wake up comfortably in your bed on a Monday morning, you didn’t wake up to a noisy alarm, or any other external sources. You walk into your kitchen to make a cup of […]

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Difference between simple and compound interest

Interest Difference between simple and compound interest is relatively easy to explain. Simple interest is the amount of interest gained off on the principle invested one time. Compound interest is the interest on the principle and interest combined. A savings account is a great example of compound interest, because every quarter or every year your […]

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Website builder free domain

Building your first website? Website builder free domain? Sound too good to be true? Well I’m going to show you how exactly to get that started. Don’t be afraid when you are starting out it seems a lot scarier than it really is. First off I’m going to show you a relatively short video to […]

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Trending Today

  What are you looking for? There is a great deal of things that are trending today, and some of us just can’t keep up with today’s trends. You can do a simple Google search and find the top 10, 50, or 100 trending things that are happening. You can search for top trending fashion […]

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