About Me

Here I am attempting to build an online business with this new company that I have discovered called Wealthy Affiliates. I have attempted online sales before with no success. I am creating this site to give a new avenue a try, and I am hoping for absolute success. While I’m new to this organization I am very excited to see where this can lead me.

My Story

I grew up in the gulf coast area of Florida while I wasn’t born here I have a love/hate relationship for Florida. The beaches are wounderful, but the weather is tempermental. I have lived in several other areas throughout my life, but this has been home for a very long time. The people in my part of Florida are mostly kind hearted and nice people, and that does make living here easier.

I have worked in many different jobs throughout my adulthood, and none of them really promising a career; although, I have been cooking since I was 16 professionally. I have driven 18 wheelers, delivered pizza, construction, finance, insurance sales, and other sales. I have attempted several times to go into business for myself without success. Those businesses have tought me lessons that were invaluable.

I have started business in brick and morter sales, ecigs, ejuice, vaporizers, online sales, promotions, and only now am I diving headfirst into the online marketing. I am new to this type of business, but this isn’t my first website. I have built several websites throughout the years my first site was for educational purposes when I was still in high school. Now I’m building them to help supliment my income, and hopefully gain some financial freedom.


I want to help you help yourself

I am just getting started in this field as I mentioned earlier, and I would like you to join me in the adventure. I think we can both work toward something better, and build financial freedom. I’m not entirely sure what I’m doing here as of yet, but I’m learning as I go. If you’re of a like mind and interested in learning too, then please join me with https://www.wealthyaffiliate.c… and together we can learn and build!

I have been as close as one can go to rock bottom, but I never let that hold me back. I will fight and eventually win this battle of financial dependance. I have set my goals for myself HIGH and I plan to achieve them even if I have to struggle the whole way. Life in my opinion is an uphill battle, but I think eventually you can achieve your goals and plateau.

Join me in the fight to win financial freedom! Ever see something that you just absolutely must have, and can’t afford? Ever see people (friends even) photos or videos of what looks like a fun vacation, and wish you could be there or go there? I certainly know that I do! Some may call that envy, but I call it a goal.


Financial Freedom

I am making a vow to myself today, right now even to be a better person today, to be more responsable today, and to lead a better life TODAY! I can’t speak for you, but will you join me in this fight today? I am not going to banter on anymore the decision is yours.

If your interested in learning more join me.

If you ever need a hand or have ay questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


Welcome to Gaining Financial Freedom

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