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Keywords, and what they mean to you

You may have seen the term “keywords” in your search throughout the internet, and what they mean by keywords is a set of words corresponding together for the purpose of getting ranked within search engines. If you are looking for a keyword search tool free of charge there likely isn’t one, but you can find some that will offer a free trial period.

Furthermore, these keywords when grouped together in a certain way will attract a specific reader to your content that you have written on a website. It can be anything from throw pillows to cars, and by combining the right set of keywords can help the writer narrow down to a specific group of people looking for that good or service.

Often these keywords is a group of words rather than just a single word. These words usually combined sound relevant to the reader, and directs them to the corresponding web pages.

There are a great many tools out there that you can use to gather the information you need as a writer to find your audience. That audience is a group of people out there looking for what you are offering whether it be a product or service.

Getting access to keyword tools

Jaaxy is one such tool on the market that offers its users 30 free searches for signing up. After the initial 30 searches are used up it will ask you to start a paid membership. As a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate (link provided if you’d like to know more about Wealthy Affiliate) you get a lite version of Jaaxy for free with your membership.

In my search I found a plethora of keyword tools online, but all that I found were all paid memberships to use them. I have used Jaaxy as a member of WA, and I can certainly say it has its benefits.

Using keyword tools

This process isn’t as difficult as you may think, and Jaaxy walks you through the process in a relatively painless way. There are help options available within Jaaxy to explain what the different numbers mean.

If you are absolutely new to keywords than perhaps some advice. If you are trying to create a business, or simply making a post/page on your website, and you want them to get traffic from the search engines you will want to start with a keyword search.

Start with thinking of the most relevant word relating to your business, page, or post and go from there. For example, say you want to start a gardening website selling tomato seeds. The first word you may want to put into the keyword search tool is tomato (clicking on image below will take you to Jaaxy).

Now that you have done your initial search for keywords involving tomato you can see the Avg. (average searches), Traffic (amount of visitors per month), QSR (amount of competing websites), KQI (competition in a ranking poor to great), and SEO (Search Engine Optimization score). Image below will show you what it will look like when you have clicked on the “Get QSR.”

Now that you can see what the QSR, KQI, and SEO are it will give you a better chance of making an informed decision as to whether you want to use that keyword for your site. In the image above we can see that “tomato” gets an average of 31,549 searches per month, and has an average click-through rate (traffic) of 5,364. That is a ton of traffic; However, because the QSR is high there is a good deal of competition for that keyword (300 to be exact), and when you want to get ranked with a search engine you want that QSR score as low as possible.

The KQI and SEO scores are also very poor for the keyword tomato, and thus you wouldn’t want to use that keyword on your site as you’re likely never going to get your page or post ranked in the search engines. If you don’t rank in the search engines it will be almost impossible to get natural traffic to your site.

When you’re getting started with your website you will want to look for keywords that do have a decent amount of searches and traffic, but are well below the 300 QSR score. You can find keywords that have very low QSR scores and thus you will be able to have your pages ranked in the search engines far easier.

This concept is called “low hanging fruit,” by finding keywords with a low QSR. If you have ever been out picking fruit from an orchard you know that collecting the fruit you can reach from the ground is much easier than having to climb the tree. You may not get a ton of visitors from that keyword, but you will likely rank in the search engines much faster. If you are constantly writing content on your websites you can take advantage of many “low hanging fruit” keywords.

Now that we have found a couple options for “low hanging fruit” keywords, I would likely pick “how to grow tomatoes indoors,” simply because it has a QSR below 100, and gets a decent amount of traffic per month. I would avoid using keywords that make no sense when you read them like “grow tomato” it just doesn’t really make sense, and to the reader may look bad on you before they even read what you have written.

Another aspect of finding the right keyword to you to use is done by using the alphabet soup method, and that is simply the method of opening up the search engine of your choice and starting with a product or service. Then once you have the primary concern in the search most engines will give you a few options to choose from.

This feature to search engines can help you come up with keyword ideas, as well as niche ideas for your website you are building.

These keywords or what people searching for your product will plug into one of the search engines whether it be Google, Bing, or Yahoo. If you are ranked under your keywords than you will show up in their search for your product or service, and inevitably build a larger following.

Wrapping up

I hope I have been able to educate you a bit more on keywords, and given you at least a general idea of what they are and how they work. If you are looking for more information on keywords and how to use them, than check out this lesson from Kyle at Wealthy Affiliate. If you’d like to view the whole lesson, which is part of the free membership with Wealthy Affiliate, you can view that here.

Keywords are very important to any successful online business, but keywords run second to content. If your website doesn’t offer relevant content to what you are trying to sell, then search engines will not rank you, and may even punish you in a manner of speaking that will make it more difficult in the future to get your website ranked.

If you’d like to get signed up with Jaaxy, and get started with your keyword searches today click here. As always thank you for reading, and if you have any questions about Jaaxy or Wealthy Affiliate please don’t hesitate to reach out to me @

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