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Maybe you are just getting started online, or maybe you just want to try something different? Even a novice can learn about affiliate marketing, and they can do so in their free time. It doesn’t have to be a 9 to 5 in the beginning. Many people start out just doing it in their spare time after work.

The key is to stay focused on what your goals are, because the road to success can be a long bumpy road.

Starting out fresh with affiliate marketing without a website? Looking to get a free website to get started, or need to be pointed in the right direction?

If you go to Wealthy Affiliate they offer a free startup and 2 free websites just to get started, and all of that dosn’t require any credit card to get started. They also offer 10 free lessons to help you construct your free sites, and give you some very useful tips.

If you want to read more about Wealthy Affiliate here before going to them directly please feel free to read my review on them here.

There are other companies out there to help teach you more about affiliate marketing; however, Wealthy affiliate is my top choice. Some of these other companies will dangle a carrot to get you to spend money without offering you much in return, and some of these companies are all out scam artists that will take your money in give you nothing in return.

Help yourself avoid scams because sometimes it really is too good to be true. I know i have been duped before myself. Just be mindful that they are straight upfront with their prices, and what they’re going to offer you in return for you investment.

Let’s be honest in most cases we are starting a business to make money, so anything you put into that business is an investment whether it’s time or money.

Invest in yourself, and you’ll find you get more out of the investment.

We must all first invest in ourselves, because if our physical or mental health isn’t where it should be it can often take its toll on our future. If you invest the right amount into yourself you will be able to achieve your goals, and ultimately show that success in other aspects of your life.

I know we can all fall into a rut sometimes, and that can take a long term toll on us, but you have no choice other than pushing through. When you find yourself in a rut think to yourself how to dig out of it, and sometimes you may have to turn to someone whether it be a friend or a specialist, but DON’T WAIT till it’s too late to get the help you need!

Sorry for the negativity, but we also need to remember that we can’t win all the time, and sometimes you need to experience that loss to keep yourself humble.

Beyond investing in yourself physically or mentally, you will also need to reinvest in your future (retirement). If you have never thought about savings, because perhaps you are 18 and fresh out of high school, or you are someone that just never really gave it the thought for whatever reason.

If you haven’t thought about saving for retirement don’t wait another day. Take the time and do your research, or talk with a professional.

There are a huge number of studies out there on when to start saving, and how much to save based on your age and when you start saving. There are several studies out there on how much you need to be saving for a retirement at the age of 62 which is what the government considers the optimal age for retirement in the United States.

There are also articles out there specifying other ages to be the optimal age to retire, so read up on them and make a decision for yourself on when you want to retire.

I have read over several articles that discuss you should invest a minimum of 10% of your income yearly into a savings account (which is the safest type of investment you can make) to see some returns, but most banking institutions only offer a .03% to .04% annually.

There are several other options, and your bank may even offer some of them, such as IRA’s, 401k, etc. If you are wanting to move to the next level of investing your best bet may be to talk to a financial adviser about what your options are, and how much you would have to begin your investment with.

If you are thinking of getting into day trading make sure you do your research and learn what is going to be best for you if your going to trade without a broker.

Many people like to rely on mutual funds to invest their money into, but again this is one of those things you will want to do your research on and certainly talk to a professional about what you are looking to do. Some mutual funds have higher yields, but are riskier.

There are several websites out there that will allow you to make investments in stuff like peer to peer lending, such as FlexOffers. There are also companies that allow you to invest in real estate without needing to know the ends and outs of real estate investing, such as FundRise.

There are a great deals of people out there in the United States alone that haven’t ever thought of or considered retirement, and many of those are people struggling just to make ends meet every month. I do feel for those people, because I have personally been in a financial situation like that before.

Investing in yourself can be difficult at times.

Not to get to overly personal, but at a point in my life I got stuck in a rut known as Payday Loans, and let me tell you if that isn’t a money racket. If you don’t know what a payday loan is, I’ll tell you. A Payday Loan is where you write a check to a financial institution where they lend you an amount less than the face value of your check.

Example being you write them a check for $555.00 and they loan you $500,00 that you have to repay the value of the check the $555.00 in two weeks falling on your payday. These fees they are charging customers is somewhere in the ballpark of a 400% APR interest rate, which is a great investment for them, but not at all for you as a consumer.

Just remember it’s not the end all if you fall on hard times. Sometimes you need to take a step back and look at what the real problems are, and then sort them into which can be easily fixed, and which are going to take a little more time to fix.

Sometimes those problems just require a little time to fix.

Putting it all together

It isn’t going to happen overnight, so don’t expect that ever. Yeah sometimes you can get an easy win, but remember to take that extra time to look at the more difficult “wins” you may be facing. Don’t forget we all get knocked back sometimes, just take a breath and continue to push forward.

Make sure to invest in yourself first, and no I don’t mean be selfish, just make sure that you are putting a little something aside at least for those rainy days. The more you can set aside at a time than the quicker you will reach your goals, and hopefully be able to retire, before you still have to work the day after you die to get caught up financially.

As always if you have any input or questions about this or any of my other blogs, please feel free to comment below or email me.


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*Disclaimer – I am not a certified Financial Advisor, Accountant, nor am I an Attorney, So any advice given in my blogs is solely based on my opinions.*

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  1. Nice post on Affiliate Marketing. However, i think you should have put another link to Wealthy Affiliates somewhere near the end of the post. Also maybe you should have your About Me and Contact in the Top menu of the site. Some paragraphs are wordy and could be broken up into smaller chunks.


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