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Getting Started

It can be scary at times getting started with new things, but believe it or not sometimes we have to take that risk. If you want to get away from your 9 to 5 or just looking for some supplemental income, than look no further. Join Wealthy Affiliate and grow your own online business with one of the largest support communities out there, plus you will have the ability to go through the many Wealthy Affiliate programs offered.

I understand that maybe you may think this is just another scam to get you on board, and suck your bank accounts dry. I’ll be the first to tell you I was skeptical at first myself. Like many before me have, and maybe you’re one of those people, but I have bought into several online business that I thought may go somewhere.

I have bought into sever scams throughout my years, just trying to find my place in all of this online marketing.

Internet marketing is a multi billion dollar industry, 15+ billion in fact was spent last year by retail marketers, and I just wanted my little piece of the pie. I found many sites out there claiming almost turnkey profits.

If you’re looking for a get-rich-quick scheme than Wealthy Affiliate is not what you’re looking for. More than likely you’ll need to go buy a winning lottery ticket, or have the one invention that everyone needs.

A month in review

I have only been with Wealthy Affiliate (WA) for a month now, and I am already seeing results in my websites traffic. I have learned so far in this month, how to build a wordpress website, how to sign up for affiliate programs, how to set up my websites for search engine optimization (SEO), and how to create relevant content in my niche.

I now have three fully functional websites, and they are each receiving traffic naturally. By receiving that traffic naturally I mean that I am getting free traffic to my sites without paying for advertising myself. Which in the long run means that any money I make off of my sites is pure profit.

At this point I am building content on 3 different websites each with its own specific niche. As you are reading this on my site for Gaining Financial Freedom if you sign up for my blog you will see me adding content to this site as I go.

Setting up these sites is not difficult by any means, and the more you do it the easier it will become for you. I can now set up a website in about 30 minutes. Granted it takes me a good deal longer to add the relevant content that will bring my readers in to see what I have to say like you did.

I haven’t made any sales yet, and it may take another month or two before I do see some sort of sales through my affiliate links provided here. Many people in the WA community will tell you if you want natural rankings, and natural (unpaid) traffic it will take some time to get that.

Getting Started

Like most things there is always the first step to succeed, and if you want to join me on this path to success you can join Wealthy Affiliate for absolutely FREE. When you sign up as a basic member at WA you will not be required to enter any credit card information to get signed up and get started.

You can even stay a basic member for the life of your account and still be able to join the WA affiliate program. Along with the basic membership you get access to 10 free lessons on building a site, SEO, Keywords, and much more.

As a basic member you will also get 2 free Siterubix websites so you can build your own online business. Again these are just the free benefits.

If you are looking at the different prices for web hosting with different hosting companies take a moment to read this article on Wealthy Affiliate about hosting prices.

Scared of building a website, don’t be! Kyle at WA in one of the first few lessons walks you through how to set up your very own website, and shows you how to do it in 30 second video. If you care to watch the video click the link below.

Build your very own website

Planning out your site and online business presence can feel a bit overwhelming. I have written a blog about how to get started writing your winning business plan, whether you want to sell items in a store or on your website, or if you just want to get started into the online marketing world like I did.

You just have to start with a plan, and from there you can build your foundation for your website or business. Pick a niche and get started, sound too simple? It is just that simple, and all you have to do is find something that you are passionate about.

You don’t have to be an expert in any field to get started, but you will need to do some research to see if whatever you are going to sell or market is something that people are looking for. Remember there are over 3 billion people out there with access to the internet.

Signed up with WA, What’s Next?

If you’ve already signed up with WA by now good for you, and thank you for joining. Now you may be wondering, what is next? Well to get started I strongly suggest that you go through the first lesson within WA which should get you going in the right direction.

If you haven’t signed up yet, what are you waiting for? It is absolutely free just to check it out and see what WA can do for you. I understand maybe you’ve been hurt in the past, but you can either let that make you bitter or better that choice is yours.

I didn’t go premium right away, because I wanted to get through the first 10 lessons offered for free, and see what they offered me educationally. Almost as soon as I finished the first 10 lessons, I signed up for a premium membership as it offers so much more, As a premium member you get access to the keyword tools, and the live chat help within the community.

By now maybe you have signed up, and are getting excited about the potential of the program, that’s great! I was very excited to see where things would go for me, and although I already had a website up and running, I was able to optimize that website for search engines and readers.

My other website The Meandering Chef was rather choppy when I started it before joining WA. After going through just a few of the lessons within WA I was able to clean up that site and make it more professional looking, and pleasing to the eye.

Benefits of signing up with WA

One of the primary benefits to signing up with WA is that they offer an affiliate program that pays you for referrals from your website(s). The great thing about those referrals is they act as a residual income, and no its not a pyramid scheme. You only get paid for those that you refer to WA, You don’t make more if your referral refers someone else like you would in a pyramid based business.

You can even earn referrals just by sharing some lessons you’ve learned in WA. Those referrals can add up over time. As a basic member the commission rate may be lower those commission can still gross you a significant amount of income.

When you go premium within WA you are given access to the keyword tools and many other resources that are not available to the basic member.

Keywords are an integral part of any online business, knowing what they are, and how to use them is very important. As a basic member this is not a function open to you; however, you can sign up with Jaaxy and receive 30 free keyword searches. I talk more about keywords, and their function in my blog.

Growth potential

There is literally no ceiling to the WA program. In the lessons you will learn how to promote many products, and where to find other affiliate programs other than WA. Trust me when I say there are thousands of affiliate programs on the internet.

Growing your business is certainly a matter of what you are willing to put in to that business. I believe that if I put in the work the results will be amazing in time, and same goes for you if you are willing to put in the time and patience.

Many people jump into businesses like online marketing head first, but don’t realize its not a click-to-profit type of business opportunity. I thought that in my younger naive years that this was a possibility, and if you’re interested in reading more about those failures I have talked about a few of them in my blogs.

If you haven’t signed up with WA, or even signed up to receive my blog please take the time while you’re here and sign up for both. You won’t regret it.

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Some Success Stories:

Below is a chart breakdown of what is offered with WA membership options.


2 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Programs

  1. Glad I came across your review of Wealthy Affiliate. They seem like an honest program that actually teaches something versus up selling into other expensive products.

    How long would it take for a beginner to get all set up? Do I need to have any technical ability to build these websites?

    1. Setting up the site won’t take very long at all. I have set up sites in as little as 30 minutes. What will take some time is learning things about SEO and the back end of the site. As far as technical skills, you won’t need any because wordpress is very easy to use, and you will not need to know how to write code (CSS or HTML). Thank you for reading my blog.

      All my best,


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