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Building your first website?

Website builder free domain? Sound too good to be true? Well I’m going to show you how exactly to get that started. Don’t be afraid when you are starting out it seems a lot scarier than it really is.

First off I’m going to show you a relatively short video to help you get started.

Building a WordPress site in 30 seconds
Now that you have seen that video and hopefully you’ve signed up with Wealthy Affiliate to get your first two sites free! Also, perhaps you have started going a few of their training courses.

By now, you have started your website with your first few pages? It doesn’t seem that hard does it?

If you’re still here reading, and haven’t moved onto Wealthy Affiliate (WA), you may be looking for more information on ideas toward building your first website.

Naming your first website

While it is important to come up with a great name for your website, sometimes it can be difficult creating the best possible name for your website. I’m here to tell you, that the name of your website doesn’t necessarily have to do with the content you put into your website.

Look at sites out there that are major players, such as Amazon, Wayfair, or EBay just to name a few none of these names pertain to what the actual site offers to its consumers, but just about everyone knows what each of them offer. Thank you to advertisement in their cases.

You can also use programs like Jaaxy to find a good name for your site, also it will tell you if that name is available to be purchased. Now at times you may not be able to get the name you want in a .com, but you may find it as a .org or .net; Although, I would try to stick to a .com if possible.

So, now, you have the name decided, and you are ready to build? Again if you haven’t already left me to go join Wealthy Affiliate for their help and videos.

Still, here I see, I suppose you want to maybe know a bit more about WA and that you can read about in my blog here.

Building Content

You now have the basics for your website out of the way, perhaps by now, you have concluded on picking the name of your site, and what type of theme you want to use for the site.

Remember when building a site to try getting visitors to come back to your site again and again, and hopefully recommend it to their friends and family. One of the best ways to get that traffic to repeatedly visit your site is to make sure that your site is eye candy (visually pleasing) and easy to read.

You can make your website look pretty with just adding a few pictures throughout your site. Like the old adage, a picture is worth a thousand words. Plus, adding photos will help build your sites identity to your viewers or readers.

Now to get to work on your content! If you want to draw in visitors to your site you must provide them a reason to be there.

Whether you are selling things, or just trying to inform the public with your knowledge or opinions. Make sure to check your spelling and grammar, because I assure you that you will be graded on that by some.

If you’re going to be selling things on your site it may help if you can provide reviews on products that you are selling. Either by allowing your consumers to put in their two cents, or reviewing the product yourself.

When you are reviewing products on your site make sure that you aren’t biased in comparing items. If you don’t like a product tell your consumers, there is no point in lying to just try to make a sale. Doing that will end up lowering the value of your word and your website

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The site is up and running, and you’ve filled it with content, what’s next? Well, Search Engine Optimization or SEO is what you will want to add to your site. SEO will help you maintain the site, and start getting your site ranked within the search engines.

Why do we want our sites to get ranked? It is because having your site ranked within the search engines will allow your site to show up in the searches people make, and provide you with natural traffic to your site. Natural traffic is preferred to paid traffic simply because it is free!

Your site or posts may take a while to rank in the beginning, but as you add content you can get your site to rank faster. If you write keyword rich content than that will help you get ranked faster as well.

Don’t focus on the traffic though, because you will need to focus on the content to draw in the crowd that you need to promote sales.

Make sure that everything you write doesn’t contain external links, because the search engines frown on that. You are welcome to add all the internal links that you would like, so it never hurts to write articles, blogs, or pages about your own content and link them to it.

Search Engine Optimization

Adding content to monetize your site

When you are ready and you have added enough content to comfortably start selling or marketing you’ll want to consider several factors.

  • What is my Niche?
  • What am I promoting?
  • Does it stick within my Niche?
  • Can it produce a profit?
  • Will it be residual income, or single sell?
  • Does your product help solve a customer’s problem?

Now that you may not be sure of your niche, but you must be sure of it before you start. You don’t want to confuse your customer’s. You wouldn’t be happy going to a site for blenders, but you get to the site and they are talking about cats.

Make sure that your niche matches with the products you’re trying to sell to your consumers.

If what you’re promoting doesn’t produce a profit, what is the point in promoting it? Make sure that what you’re promoting can do something for you too. Whether it pays you, or allows you to receive discounts for promoting their product.

Is the profit you make going to be a one and done, single sale, or will that customer potentially come back to you for that product again? If they come back, will they be buying the same product or something different.

Residual income is the best bet for anyone looking to get out ahead of the rat race. It is income that comes in everyday, week, month, or year that you didn’t have to put in much work for it.

Residual income is not exactly like passive income which is money you make off of buying stocks, bonds, annuities, or other investments that pay dividends. These payments can be paid out on different time increments daily, weekly, etc.

Making sure that whatever you are selling to your consumers is going to solve a problem for them or fulfill a need. For example, this site is constructed to help my readers learn more about building a business.

I do promote many things throughout my site, but each of them are related to creating a successful business. Whether that business is a work from home type business, or a brick and mortar business. I try to educate people based on my failures.

Rapping it all up

If you’ve read this far I certainly appreciate your effort. We have gone over a good many details in this post, and I hope you have found some of them to be very helpful. If you haven’t yet than I certainly suggest you check out Wealthy Affiliate, because they have much more information than I am offering here.

We have covered naming and building the basic site, adding content, Search Engine Optimization, and finally monetizing your site. It’s a ton of information to take in all at once, especially if you get into the actual specifics of each one.

I only gave you a brief review of these items, and I fully intend on making a few more posts that get into the specifics of each one as needed. I believe my next blog will be more in depth about Residual Income and Compound Interest.

If you think I missed something, or didn’t explain something well enough to your satisfactions, please feel free to comment below. I always welcome ideas, corrections, and of course criticism from my readers.

I want to personally thank you for reading my blogs it really does mean a lot to me.

Best of wishes to you and yours,



*Disclaimer – I am not a certified Financial Adviser, Accountant, nor am I an Attorney, So any advice given in my blogs is solely based on my opinions.*

**I am not directly affiliated with Wayfair, or EBay and by no means represent them.

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